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  • Antonio Ragusa

    • Entrepreneur,
    • Lecturer,
    • Author,
    • Coach,
    • Consultant,
    • Speaker and Composer

    Antonio Ragusa is an internationally successful entrepreneur and the founder of educational institutions and other businesses operating across the five continents. His commitment to making the world a better place by administering ethics- and social responsibility-orientated training has gained him numerous prestigious awards. In his activity as a lecturer, author, and coach, he has trained and supported thousands of people worldwide. Being also active as a speaker and a composer, Antonio Ragusa aims at helping people to believe in themselves and to make their dreams come true.

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    What Others Are Saying About Antonio Ragusa

    Sile O’Broin

    Antonio’s ability to translate vision, theory, and business ethics into practice is second to none. He seems to have the Midas touch in making the impossible possible, and of doing so in record time. His engaging personality brings together an eclectic mix of professionals, while his leadership skills bring out the best in everyone.

    Youssef El Idrissi Slimani

    Antonio is a visionary leader who encourages innovation, cultivates performance in his team and, above all, demonstrates a high level of respect of human values. A great professional and a great person.

    Prodromos Nikolaidis

    Antonio was one of my teachers during my Master course in Political Science at the Rome Business School. I recall having my first lecture with Antonio, and being thrilled by his skills and deep knowledge of Marketing theory. Prof. Ragusa made me understand the practical aspects involved in being a campaign manager and re-evaluate my perceptions of Political science in general and of Political Marketing in particular. I feel grateful for having been taught by Antonio and surely look up to him!

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