In his professional and personal path, Antonio Ragusa has covered many fields of activity, operating as an entrepreneur, lecturer, author, coach, consultant, speaker, and composer.

The common denominator of his work is a love for knowledge and music and the desire to share these passions with others, helping them to express their talent and to make their dreams come true.


Engaging in entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting, complex, and stimulating challenges. It is a commitment that puts to the test and enables the development of all human ...

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When thoughts are written down, they get a shot at immortality and at a wider circulation. This is why I have endeavoured to leave a trace of my ponderings and research also thr...

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I love teaching. I do because it is one of the best ways one can give of oneself to others while, at the same time, bettering oneself and developing an ever deeper understanding...

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Words are an extremely powerful tool. They can literally change people’s lives. This is why I have always been highly interested in perfecting my communication abilities and i...

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Both through my companies and in person, I have engaged in managerial consultancy on an international scale. My basic aim is to help professionals and organisations to achieve t...

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I love helping people to achieve their objectives. And I have observed that, often, we do not express our full potential. This is why I consider supporting others also through c...

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Music is one of my greatest passions. Besides playing various instruments and having worked as a musician for a number of years, I have engaged in composition.

I started...

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