The importance of writing

When thoughts are written down, they get a shot at immortality and at a wider circulation. This is why I have endeavoured to leave a trace of my ponderings and research also through their publicationtest.

From a strictly scientific point of view, my main research fields are internal communication and internal marketing. I believe that the roles played by the members of an organisation in the development of those activities that then reverberate among the clients and other stakeholders represent an essential, albeit still underestimated, aspect of management. These are topics that can be analysed from various angles; therefore, in my opinion, they require a multidisciplinary approach. This is why I also deal with corporate culture, paying special attention to the cross-cultural perspective.

Some of my publications

Here is a sample of my written output.

Comunicazione Interna e Social Media: Sfide e Opportunità, University of Salamanca – 2011

Marketing online: rimettere al centro le esigenze dei clienti, Economy Way n. 2 (2011)

La comunicazione come processo di business. Un modello teorico e applicativo, in A. Cocozza (a cura di) “Persone, organizzazioni, lavori. Esperienze innovative di comunicazione d’impresa e valorizzazione delle risorse umane”, Franco Angeli, Milan – 2010

Internal Communication Management – Individual and Organizational Outcomes, BookBoon – Ventus Publishing – 2010

Dall’impresa-macchina all’impresa-persona. Ripensare l’azienda nell’era della complessità (con A. Savini e L. Cassani), Mondadori Università, Milan – 2009

“Internal communication: exploring a managerial approach to improve it”, Imperial College Business School, London – 2008