Aiding the development of professionals and firms

Both through my companies and in person, I have engaged in managerial consultancy on an international scale. My basic aim is to help professionals and organisations to achieve their business objectives.test

Akin to what happens with coaching, there is often a degree of scepticism in regard to the actual usefulness of consultancy services; a scepticism that, I must admit, is not always misplaced. In fact, the approach is often too theoretical and removed from reality, and thus ineffective. Rather, I believe that it is essential to generate solid results for one’s clients, concretely helping them to achieve their growth and development goals. This is why my approach to consultancy is strictly orientated towards results, together with a high degree of customisation tailored around the client’s specific needs.

Consultancy activity fields

Among the main fields in which I provide consultancy services are: strategic and operational marketing, business planning, sales, business development, corporate internationalisation, and personnel selection and hiring.

Another aspect that is important to me also in this field of activity is an international vision and the idea of providing my clients with opportunities, ideas, and templates derived from the operational best practices that can be found at the global level.

Consultancy method and process

The basic aim of corporate consultancy is to create real value for clients and to support them in the achievement of their goals. This is why, following a careful analysis of their needs, a consultancy activity must be designed to include clearly identified performance metrics that enable the quantification and assessment of its effectiveness.

At the same time, during the implementation phase, rigorous and precise action will be required, in compliance with any defined time constraints, to produce excellent deliverables and results.