An exciting challenge

Engaging in entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting, complex, and stimulating challenges. It is a commitment that puts to the test and enables the development of all human qualities: intuition, courage, determination, and leadership, to mention just a few.

I believe that only by concretely becoming involved as an entrepreneur one can truly understand the implications of this type of professional purview. It is a path that is fraught with difficulties and risks, but it is also a potential source of great rewards from all points of view.

I took up entrepreneurship after years of work as a professional and company manager. My previous experiences also helped me to understand the mistakes I would have to avoid as an entrepreneur, especially in relation to human resource management. To be a successful entrepreneur, one must pick the best people and look after them properly.

The origins

My aspiration to engage in entrepreneurship was borne most of all from the desire to set up a business school that would have those features that are important to me: an international approach and a leaning towards know-how and corporate social responsibility. This is what gave birth to the Rome Business School and, later, to the Rome Business School Nigeria, which, in the space of just a few years, have become established both nationally and internationally and have given me significant professional and personal gratification.

New projects

Once one becomes an entrepreneur, one may remain one forever, with the desire to keep growing and creating. For this reason, besides the educational field, I have invested in various businesses, including managerial consultancy, real estate, finance, and services.