The power of words

Words are an extremely powerful tool. They can literally change people’s lives. This is why I have always been highly interested in perfecting my communication abilities and in placing them at the service of others also as a speaker.test

Over time, I have had the pleasure and the privilege of speaking at many international conferences and events, having also organised many.

I love to speak about both professional topics and aspects that are more related to personal development.

Among my latest speeches, I would like to mention those I gave at the Italy-Africa Business Forum and at the Rome Innovation Summit—which were both held in Rome—at the AHRA Conference in Egypt, and at the Family Business Forum in Dubai.

In those and many other occasions I was given the chance to convey my experience as an entrepreneur and an educator, to help people to believe more in themselves and in their dreams.

My topics

In relation to the topics of a professional nature with which I deal, I particularly speak about entrepreneurship, family business, marketing, international economy, human resource management, education and training, business planning, and corporate communication.

In a broader spectrum, I like to share my experience by speaking about the topics of personal development and life planning. In fact, I believe that success in any field is underpinned by our mental approaches and attitudes.

Let’s talk!

Should you be interested in my participation in a conference or event, contact me right now to explore this possibility in greater detail.